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Are you Serious in Music making?...or is it just a Hobby?

Once in a while I get the above question, and sometimes I'd say is just a hobby, but to tell you the truth I'm not completely sure. There are a lot of factors that can contribute into your particular answer, but most of the time I think I fall in between those two answers.

In reality, I just bothered to make this thread, because of my 15 year old daughter. She's a sophomore and very involved and devoted into her guitar class at school. She has learned how to play the guitar very quickly, along with her brother (but that's another story) lol. She loves music, she's very open minded as to her music listening, She has taken on singing as well, and she has a beautiful voice (she doesn't take that compliment from me though) Her career goals are very vague at the moment, but whenever she gets asked the question, she quickly replies "I want to be a musician, and I want to go to Berkley". When we tell her there are other options, she doesn't want to hear it!

Now I've had many talks with her about it, and I've explained that relying om music alone for a living is probably not so smart at the present time. She always comes out saying that we don't have faith in her, we don't support her, and that she will follow her dreams no matter what. Then she rubs it in our face, the fact that we did not follow our dreams, and she's right!, but here is where the factors I was talking about before, play a huge part in the decision making.

Now, my wife & I, are not such strict parents, not old fashioned at all, and we don't pressure our kids into thinking like we do, but we like to present as many ideas or options as possible for them to explore and figure out.

The Factors I want her to take into consideration before she decides on a career:

First I wanted to ask you guys personally,

-Is music making Serious or just a hobby? and please tell me why. Also tell me if you're a singer, part of a band, play instruments, just use software.

Now based on your answers, I have the following questions separated by answer:

If you answered Serious:

This would probably mean you're currently working on your musical career, or looking into it, or you have achieved something already.

-Is it/was it worth spending your hard earned money on tuition for a musical career? or do you recommend going for another career and doing music on the side, and see if you get lucky somehow?

-How much of a chance do you guys think a good singer alone has Vs. an accomplished musician alone, Vs. being part of a full band in today's music business structure.

-Do you guys think that music sells well nowadays?, implying that you're doing all these: CDS/Gigs/promoting online/selling merchandise. Do you guys thinks music alone is good enough to make a decent living.

If you answered Just a Hobby:

-Why just a hobby? in your case.

-At any point did you ever want to develop your music skills any further or are you just happy with instant gratification?, as in "I did this quick track and I feel good that it came out decent".
I mean have you ever wondered that your song could be a hit sometime? that it can be used in a commercial, Film, or Video game?

-If you have the chance to prove your skills/talent (get a job offer or something along those lines). Would you leave your current job/career in an instant? even though that would mean you have to move out/relocate, leave your family for a while (if you're not single), and your wife or rest of the family are not supporting you.

-You feel that your life/work/responsibilities are far more important than your meaningless music making?

-Never was given the chance to develop or show my natural talents (I fall in this one). Was raised in a very poor household, wasn't very informed or educated (lack of internet, P.C., or friends), Found out too late in life that I had this talent in music.

-Feel that the music business right now is broken and it wouldn't be worth your time/money getting involved.

I know this is a lot of questions and a very long thread. Sorry I couldn't make it any shorter!
I will really appreciate all your comments, answers and point of views, and I will definitely use your advice and will show my daughter your thoughts on the matter.

Thanks a million!!!


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