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Thor this and Thor that (it's not a miricle cure)

Originally Posted by lofi1990 View Post
the low pass ladder filter in thor mimics a moog filter. there are high pass filters in reason/record.

a device that serves only one purpose is a waste. thor's lfo capabilities are something that you need to look deeper into. it has a sequencer and mod matrix that is far more powerful than just a stand alone lfo could be. if it takes up too much space, fold the device.

if you take the time and read up on the devices, especially thor, you will find that most of these requests are already available.
Ok so now try this with Thor and see how far you get.

Synth -> Maximiser/compressor -> Filter -> EQ -> Chorus -> Distortion -> Reverb -> Delay -> Filter -> Compressor -> Distortion -> Reverb
(people ask me how I get such a warm sound out of reason, this is how)

Example .rps so you can see for yourself that i'm not just making this up

Now modulate the delay wet/dry with an LFO
and filter cutoff with another LFO
and second filter's cutoff with another LFO
Lets also put a another mild LFO on the drive for the distortion.
Sometimes I even modulate my Eq's with an LFO.

Lets see how this looks when using Thor:
Thor -> Maximiser/compressor -> Thor -> EQ -> Thor -> Distortion -> Reverb -> Thor-> Compressor -> Distortion -> Reverb

Thor to modulate distortion
Another Thor to modulate the Eq.

And I haven't even started on splitting the audio signal.

Now how much space am I wasting using needless Thor units. Also you now have to relabel the Thor uints Filter1, Filter2, LFO1, LFO2etc etc how much extra time have I wasted. Now repeat this process for the next 12 synths in your track using different configurations. Confused yet, would it not just be easier to have a dedicated unit to handle these types of setups, one that you look at and think "I know that is an LFO and it's been auto label for me"

and oh yeah what about samplers is there a thor sampler that has 3 filters plus chorus and delay built in to it (No.) What about drum machines?

If you think Thor is the answer to all your problems then you have limited imagination and you obviously don't have projects that reach 200 modules like I do.

Don't get me wrong I think Thor is very much a benefit to the software even if the panel is a bit crowded

When I say I want things to be simple it's because my projects are so complex that they scream for a simpler solution.

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