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MIDI routers

I'd like a new deivce , a "midi router". Where I can split the midi singlas and route them to different nnxt devices. I know combinator can do a simple split, like send 2 octaves to one nnxt device and other octaves into another device, so you can have different "articulations" on different octaves.
When an instrument only uses 2-3 octaves such as a bass it is fine.
But sometimes I want to divide my articulations into the modulation wheel, or sustain pedal or even the expression dial.
It is a simple thing to program.

Features Id like it to have:

- 1 midi in, N outs which can be routed in many ways
- by key range
- velocity range
- modulation dial range
- expression range
- choose output by pressing a key on the keyboard, e.g. C0 = output 1 D0= output2 etc..

A 2nd device Id like is a midi remapper:

- look up table for key A0 = C1, B0 = F#2 etc... I would use this for remapping drum kits wihtout going into the NNXT patch and move all the samples' ranges...
- velocity curve (output velocity as a function of input velocity)