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Reaper v Record

I fired up Reaper tonight. Zero Latency. Riffworks - Zero Latency Audacity - Zero Latency!!!

THe problem seems to be Record. I'm bummed that I've spent so many hours on this and still have problems.

Can I use REason with Reaper does anyone know???? Its simpler to use and works great with my POD farm.

After another fruitless night messing around with my Laptop instead of playing, I'm binning it. I would not recommend this software to anyone.

If I can figure out how to use REason with REaper I'll move over to that and buy a full licence. Just hacked off I've WASTED money on Record.

Not a happy camper tonight

REading a lot of threads, theres loads of us have bought Record on the strength of some magazine articles.

You live and learn. I'm glad loads are enjoying it. Just wish it was me.,