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Record and Tascam US-122L Latency Issue


I'm using a Tascam US-122L USB audio interface and Propellerhead Record. My system is a Core2Duo, pretty clean configuration. With the Tascam ASIO driver, I am able to manage buffer size down to 48 samples. Overall system performance seems not to be an issue. The problem is persistent across all settings of buffer size and sample rate of the Tascam.

My problem: When recording an audio guitar track while listening to a a couple of midi tracks, the audio track which is actually recorded is always a couple of ms behind the midi track. Adjusting the latency recording compensation has no effect at all.

I have muted the audio channel while recording and I'm using the hardware zero latency monitoring of the Tascam interface. There is defintely no guitar signal on out. No further hardware or MIDI controller involved.

Any ideas how to sync audio track and midi-triggered signal while recording?