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Each drum its own effects - good idea?

Have I gone mad or is this normal?

Have a look at the graphic below - it shows one "unit" in my drum combinator. Each drum slot gets it's own dedicated compressor, foldback, EQ, slapback panning and reverb - all disabled by default so the effects can be turned on as needed.

(Channel 8 and 9 for the closed and open hihats get spidered together and treated as a single drum, making for 9 channels, routed through a mixer. The whole drum mix is given a wash of tape effect at the end.)

For months I tried processing the drums all at once, putting each drum through a mixer channel and adding effects using send busses. But the gated reverb which was perfect for kicks stopped gating properly when the snare was added, they needed slightly different compressions, another drum worked well when mixed with a distorted return of itself, but only the undistorted "part" got the reverb which sounded wrong, etc.

So I've wound up with this slightly absurd drum rack. Does real producers do this sort of thing, or have I missed something important? Is there an easier alternative?
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