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Audio Pool (with Drag & Drop) for Record

If anyone uses Cubase here , they would know of the Audio Pool, which is basically the list of samples in use within a specific project, and how many times that piece of audio has been used. If Record can incorporate this option / function, then maybe the drag&drop feature would go hand in hand too, as you would be able to audition your files via the audio pool first (simple click-on-auto-play or click-slect-hit-the-preview-button) then position them on your sequencer window OR (if at all possible), throw the sample(s) into the NN-XT / NN-19, with additional options to 'add to current patch' (NN-19 would keysplit at the note you drop on, or simple 'do you want to replace the sample', while the NN-XT might ask you to 'add to patch [create layer]', or 'add to patch [append]' so it 'bolts on' to the current layer)

drag n drop
drag n drop

the way forward methinks.... (going to go break out the MOTU MachFive 2 later today... need to feed my addiction lol)