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Talking Year 2010 - A new round

So every time a year ends and another starts I feel full of mind-power to improve my music. This year has improved my music on many levels and I've recieved lot of positive feedback - thanks to all of you who listened and commented.

It's time for me to do some summing up my wisdom/skills.
Record was a God sent app for lot of us - my workflow is superb.

So as a new year starts I'm challenging myself more than ever.
1st thing would be making a folder for next year to keep my work organized.

So what i'm gonna do is creating a new txt file and write down my own handbook - it's a great to read it and remind myself of some important facts, tricks, working methods etc.

Another thing would be browsing my Refill's content and hunting down the quality sounds which i can put into favorites.

And after this i'm ready to start making music - my target for 2010 is releasing an album.

I wish you some passionated, artistic, focused new year - have some fun, be motivated and enjoy what you do. Be a Master-Mind - take your time to finish your work. Hopefully this will give you some great results!

So to sum it up - have an awesome year of 2010 !!!!!!