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Laptop/USB audio interface question

Hey everyone - I have purchased Reason 4.0 and an using a M-Audio 88 key USB controller. I think I am having an issue with my laptop. The laptop specs are: Intel Celeron 560, 2.13GHz, 2MB RAM, plenty of disk space, Running Vista with SP1.

When I play, I notice an occaisional "popping" sound in my headphones. Cuold it be related to the laptop?

I am also using an M-Audio Transit USB audio interface. When I connect the headphones to the Transit, I have almost 0 latency. However, if I run out to my stereo system, there is a small latancy. I also have a firewire output on my laptop...would this be better than a USB audio interface?

Recommendations on laptop? Should I use XP instead of Vista? Recommendations on audio interface?