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Smile Audio Stop & Start *This goes out to the Propellerheads Team

Hi, my problem is this! When you have a piece of audio recorded it plays back fine, if you just start from the beginning of the track and let it run all the way through.

However, if you press stop when the audio is playing, you will get a pop or click. Now i get this with cubase, sonar, and various other programs. Apart from reaper, this is because in reaper's prefrences there are these two boxes that you uncheck or check, to apply a TINY fade in / fade out, So when you press stop or start over a piece of audio you dont get a pop or click.

I am not saying that i get pops and click during play back, i am simply saying that i get them if i press stop over a piece of audio. This does not happen to anything other than audio.

To test this all you have to do is record a Sine wave to audio, once you have recorded it, play it back then press stop before the section of audio is finished. and see if you get a tiny click or pop. If you do then your in my boat. What i want it to do is stop cleanly and pop free just like if you were pressing stop on a CD player.

I would appreciate it if an update included the option of applying a Tiny Fade in and Fade out *for audio* whenever you press stop and start at anypoint of the section of audio. Example - If the audio section is 8 bars long, then i should be able to start at anypoint of the audio example - start bar 3,6, or stop at bar 4,5 pop and click free.

By the way, i am using a RME Multiface 2 Pcie interface. And the intel i7 920 with 6gb Ram. So i don't put any of the above down to not having the power or a sufficient Interface.


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