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Route audio from "Ableton Live" to "Record" via reWire

Hello everyone,

(Be sure that, before I post this question I searched everywhere on the internet and on this official forum too.)

The concept:
  • Using "Ableton Live (8)" in master mode, "Reason Record" in slave mode.
  • Sending audio from Ableton Live into "Reason Record" via rewire.
  • Everythings should be in realtime (don't suggest to import/export etc. please)
(I don't talk about sending MIDI notes to reason and receiving audio from reason/record this is not a problem and also answered everywhere on the internet)

When I tried the do this config; "Record" says me that all audio inputs using by master application and I should use "rewire mixer" but in Ableton Live there is just send MIDI to.. (not the audio) .

I'd like to know ;
  • Is it "Reason Record Demo" limitation.?
  • Is it a missing functionality of "Reason Record"?
  • Is it a missing functionality of "Ableton Live"?
  • Am I dumb ? :-)
Thanks for all answers!

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