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Thumbs down Razor/crossfade tool on multiple clips in Record

I would see a great benefit from being able to fix multiple takes with one razor/crossfade action, when in edit mode. This would save alooot of time when editing multiple clips.

It is possible to go around, but one feature could save alot of time. This is what I do...

When I record a guitar I usually record the signal both clean and processed, meaning I split the signal from guitar into two signals. One (clean) goes straight into one input and the other goes to the guitar amp and cabinet and through a microphone into another input. This gives a lot of mixing possibilities.

Then... When you start working with the wonderful multiple takes (I'm not Yngwie) feature it all goes to a big mesh of clips that need sorting out. I use the razor tool, only I can just handle one clip at a time which works to a certain extent, but I think you can imagine how hard it is to have everything in order when there is another audio lane that needs the exact same razoring and crossfading between multiple takes. Did I mention when I record drums?

Instead at this time I tend to stop the bad takes and delete everything and start another recording from scratch... :-(

Anyone else with comments about this?