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akai mpk61 & microkorg remote Problems

hi all;first of all my laptop kayboard is broken;so sorry for the mistakes:
i got this lil problem i think you can help me out whit thisk i buyed an akai mpk 61 last month;i connected it via usb;i try to auto detect it but it doesent work;but after i installed the remote and codecs maps that comes in the cd;even if reason didint recognize it yet;it work perfectly:in the list of the romote controls theres a list of what each knobs or faders do in every different intrument in reason;but for the mixer beacose there are too knobs he divided the list of faders and knobs in groups;let me explain better on my akai i have a botton so i can switch true banks (three banks) but for the mixer to control for exemple send aux on channel one i have to move the fader one but in the group b;so my question is;how i switch true groups of faders and knobs on my akai to control the entire reason intrument?once i failed whit this i was thinking;ok ill control my microkor via midi port and use hes own knobs to control reason;afetr i installed the korg and the remote files;the korg becomes crazy;i mean all the knobs seems to be not remote controlled;for exemple i move knob ! on the korg and i move the channel five in the mixer but if i move the knob two on the korg it control the eq of channel eight even if i ovveride the remote mapping seems that all knobs are not in a continues way(knob one on korg is like channel sevntytwo but knob two is like channnel twentysix)
anyone have suggestion???
thanks for the help
sorry for my english too^^

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