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NNXT Control Problem

Why Cant I control the bottom part of the NNXT with my MPD32 or any other control surface? I can control everything on the top part but the bottom is off limits do any body no why? The NN19 is very funny with what you can control to. I look at the Mixer, subtractor, and everything else and see that I can control everything I need to control but when it comes down to NNXT Im limited to 7 controls and I find that to be very strang just as strang as NO MIDI OUT PLEASE HELP ME??? If this is a repeat thread I am sorry but I search all over for the answer and cant find it. I even called AKIA PRO who states that its on Propellaheads end and not there's. Well the propellahead manual says AKIA worte the file. Im just really confused at why I cant control the second half of the NN-XT. Do I need to or can I rewrite the file my self or am I stuck with JUST PADS and nothing else to use the MPD32 for because I have the AXIOM to with pads

Record 1.0
Reason 4.0.1
MPD 32 V1.03
M-Audio Axiom

Everything is USB.