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REWIRE - need an expert

I'm having a very frustrating experience with REWIRE. I have Pro Tools M-Audio LE 8.0.3cs1 installed and working, and on the same partition I have installed Adobe Audition 3.0.1, also configured and ready to go. They are both set up to input and output using the audio driver from my M-Audio Firewire 410, whhich is the newest driver, version 6.0.1. In fact when I installed this new driver, it even updated the firmware in my "410." My operating system is WINDOWS XP SP 3. 4 gigs of RAM. Intel Core 2 6600. Intel Motherboard.

My goal is to take an existing sound mix in Audition, and REWIRE all 25 tracks into Pro Tools as independent tracks, and then SAVE the Pro Tools session. The idea is to take this new Pro Tools session file to another Audio Post-Production Facility, and have it open as if it were a native mix done in Pro Tools, with all (or most) of the various settings (EQ, etc) preserved on the 25 tracks and ready for tweeking and further mixing work.

HOWEVER, when I run Audition as the Host Application and open the REWIRE control panel in Audition, there are no slave applications listed. No Pro Tools. Alternately, when I run Pro Tools as the Host Application, set up an Aux Track in the Mix Window and then click in the track to drop the list of Plug Ins, Audition is not listed anywhere.

I have tried this two ways: (1) with only the Host Application launched (as you are supposed to), and (2) also with the Slave Application launched beforehand (as the Adobe site says is sometimes necessary). Same result.

As a test, I downloaded the REASON 4 DEMO and installed it into the same partition. And there was no problem at all. As the Host, Pro Tools sees Reason as the Slave Application and REWIRE links them perfectly. Also, Audition as Host similarly sees Reason as the Slave Application and there is no problem REWIRING Reason from within Audition.

Has anyone ever had experience in trying to get REWIRE to work with Pro Tools and Audition, and have a suggestion? My little experiment with Reason ceratinly establishes that both of those Applications seem to be installed correctly, with REWIRE working properly within each --- except when it comes to Pro Tools and Audition connecting via REWIRE.

In the worse case scenario, I suppose, I could buy a working copy of Reason 4 (I hope the $99 version has REWIRE), slave it to Audition and SAVE the 25 individual tracks and settings as a session in Reason. Then I'd slave Reason to Pro Tools and SAVE the tracks in Pro Tools as a Pro Tools session file. But there are 2 reasons that I'd rather not be forced to do it in that way: (1) I worry that introducing a middleman, ie-Reason (and one that needs to convert back and forth from Midi to Audio, which I haven't experimented with --- in my test I did not have a project loaded in either the Host or Reason) might increase the chance of some setting getting lost in the extra step, and (2) I just shelled out $299 for Pro Tools LE and would prefer not to have to spend another $99 when, in theory, REWIRE is supposed work directly between Pro Tools and Audition without intermediate software, (not that I wish to deny Propellerheads the $99).

If the test REWIRING with Reason hadn't worked, then I would have figured that there were selectable options in one or both of Pro Tools and Audition that weren't set up correctly. But under the circumstances, I'm totally at a loss. Has anybody ever had this problem REWIRING Pro Tools LE and AUDITION 3 and come up with a solution?

Thanks. Mark.