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Electronic drums & reason 4

I have a question for anyone who has hooked up their electronic drums to REASON 4 , what setting in Reason 4 needs to be looked at ?
I purchase this little drum pad drum kit from Yamaha called the DD55 , its a very small tabletop looking electronic drum kit with seven drum pads on it set up like a drumset and includes two very small foot switches for Bass & Highhat .

I just recorded this song a WIP SONG using Project 5 and Addictive drums , it works great with that DAW and the drum software I have in it but not with REASON 4 and the new drum software I just purchased for it two weeks ago .

Heres the sample of this new song I'm working on with me playing this little electronic drumset , I haven't played in ten years so bare with me if it doesn't sound a good as it should .
This little kit also takes getting used to , it doesn't play like a real full size set because of its size and also those little foot switches for Bass & Highhat are really small to work with .

I plan on buying a nice Rolands drumset in the next five to six months as soon as I can raise the money for it , for right now this will get me going so I can get back into drumming again .

I tried hooking this drumset up and playing it with Reason 4 and the new drum software , it does work but it doesn't play like it does in my other DAW Project 5 .
The pads have a slow reponse to them going from one pad to the other , it throws my timming off when it sounds off played in MIDI .

Here my question how can I connect this drum set up to a single MIDI track in Reason 4 without adding something like the combinator to it ?
In Project five I can add MIDI tracks to record on , all I do is click add midi track and thats it a midi track is there to record on .
I don't see that in Reason 4 all I see is add a instrument track .

I'll checkback later , thanks for the help . I wanted to create this song using Reason 4 but ended up using Project 5 instead because I was having sound issue and other little issues using my new electronic drum kit .

Thanks, GhostriderXL