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Ignition key for Reason 4

At the moment I can install Record on someone else's computer so long as it is only used by me with either the Ignition Key or internet verification. For me Record is no use without Reason so I also need Reason installed on the same computer.

So I'm left with the choice of installing a copy of Reason 4 on their computer using my serials and install disks or having to forget using their computer altogether and bring my own, which in turn means syncing problems and no ReWire.

I'd like to see an option to use Reason 4 in the same way as Record so all I need is a memory stick, MIDI controller and Ignition Key.

PS: I realise this won't be popular with most people which is why I think for Reason 4 it would need to be opt-in as it is different to the original terms the software was sold under. I'd guess that R5 will probably use the same copy protection as Record anyway but in the meantime a way of doing this with R4 would be good.

PPS: If you really hate the idea of Reason with any kind of dongle please don't bother replying to this thread. People have made some valid points there but they are well covered in the rest of the forums already. Much appreciated!