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Question Real time editing of Line 6 models in Record

I would like to suggest that Record allow real time editing of all of the Line 6 models.

It is great having the line 6 device in record but in order to edit the sounds you need to use either gearbox or Pod Farm 1.0 (2.0 is not supported). Plus you can't edit in real time which makes it complicated when trying to mix the line 6 sounds

I own a Pod X3 live that comes with almost all of the available Line 6 models. If there was a way to incorporate this into record it would be great.

One idea would be to expand the line 6 device to show all of the options available to tweak the sound. It could be a Line 6 device that turns into line 6 edit when it is expanded. This could be like Thor, when you expand it you can edit all of the parameters of the sound. Another idea would be have the ability to open up individual models of line 6 devices in record, kind of like the new pod farm elements plug in. This way you could add individual models to each track.

When I got record I was excited that it incorporated Line 6 as a device, but now with Pod Farm 2.0 the other DAW's are able to use the sounds from Line 6 models in the mix and tweak the sounds in real time. However Record is a great and stable program that helps me to keep my mind on the music and I highly recommend it over any other DAW.

Thank you for your time.

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