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Smile Hello electronic dance music producers!

Hi all

I myself own full non virez version of Reason 4, and Fruity Loops 8 ...

Back when i was a kid parents pushed me to go to music school and studied piano AND string based instruments...

I gave up on it after 2 - 3 years... what a shame i didnt go to school to study electric guitars!!! That woulda been ace!

Anyway, the thing that brought me to music production stage is a story of it own: in the late 90s early 2000 there was a nightclub in UK called Gatecrasher, which revolutionised trance music... that is when i fell in love with electronic dance music....

Things havent been going my way between 2004 - 2008 and i tried lots of things.... and now have very poor health and a BA degree which i dont want to associeate with ...

However my love for dance music not only didnt vane it grew!!!

2005 we saw birth of a new dance music style which i coined as "Electro".

It originated in Amsterdam in 2004 - 2005 and has nothing to do with old 80s bands like kraftek or crack tek whatever...

So, in 2008 i bought Reason 4 and a keyboard... i was somewhat busy and tired and confused last 2 years.. last month i bought a PROPER sound system (i already had 1 in 2000 - 2003 - i had a NAD 370 120 W amp, B%W 603 s150W speakers, BANGING system, i sold it in 2003 so i could go backpacking in australia) this new sound set up i have is 2 cutting edge speakers, new improved 80 w NAD amp... and.. a very cool very powerful 150W dedicated subwoofer.

I did a test of my music collection few weeks ago and what i discovered is that HALF of dance music in my collection - lacks bass harmony!! The bass , when heard with a proper set up, is either weak/ out of phase and generally non harmonic!!

So with this subwoofer i will be able to program proper bass and sub bass synthesisers...

I read 3 dance music production books...

I read Reason manual and few questions started popping up in my mind...

1. reason doesnt seem to have proper sound editor so i use a free ware one which aint THAT good.

2. there seems to be major lack of classic sounding electric guitars in there - i have checked most patches and synths and not one produces proper guitar sounbd , like say - Slayer synth in Fruity Loops... whats up with that?

I hear theres a guitar pack for sale in there which i want to check out...

Also i have a small 2 octave oxygen 8 keyboard which i want to upgrade to bigger brother - 61 key oxygen

And i still havent seen any proper poly dance athem sounding patches/syntehsisers in reason yet... like the old school "access virus C" synth

I also work from a laptop, with big midi latency and considering buying a proper PC

Also , is it worth upgrating to Cubase 5 at this moment and have fun with it and with reason?

Anywa, being a dance music producer and DJ is great.
Not only i am passionate about dance music, i know a lot about clubs and people who go there and what kind of music gets people going on the dance floor.

And as another advantage , you can work anywhere in the world, u dont need working visa, u dont need permits... all u do is sent out CDs in the mail and withdraw cash from the atm.

Anyway, thanks for taking time to read it, i would love to hear some feedback/tips

Also i would like to know, what is the best software suite and plug ins for producing dance music?

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