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New Refill on it's i've cut some refill prices!!!

After months of hard, yet fun work and long sound design sessions i am currently finalising a brand new refill. And Yeah i'm exited.

I'm really happy with the results so far and i think anyone who has used my patches previously will really enjoy this one. Those that havent will no doubt love em too!! It's really fun actually. Anyways, more later...

So i'm pretty happy to finally say it will be available from this weekend!!!!!

I'll also get the DEMO refill up in the next few days for people to check it out!!!

So, for this reason i have updated my website a little and I decided to cut the prices of all my current refills.

So now you will find....

PZP Reason 4 Refill - originally $69.95 down to $29.95 AUD (Aussie Dollar) BARGAIN!!!!!
PZP Thor 300 Refill - From $39.95 down to $29.95 AUD
PZP Drums Refill - From $19.95 down to $9.95 AUD
PZP Synths Refill - From $19.95 down to $9.95 AUD

If you havent got these refills, you really should check them out, specially at these prices!!

Just follow the link to the refills....


The new one.

Point Zero Productions 'ROAR ORDER' Refill........

Thor based Step Sequencer Refill for Reason and Record

"The idea behind this refill was to create a solid library of sequenced patches for a variety of genres, which are not just very playable, but can quickly inspire new tunes, allow for very live tweaking and to use as building blocks for all types of rhythmic based music. It contains a wide sound palette including sounds for minimal, techno, progressive, breaks, trance, ambient, psy, house, electro, downbeat and many other styles."

Contents include:

Over 350 fully mapped Combinator Sequencer patches.

Over 250 Thor Sequencer patches.


Plus over 250 Bonus ( non sequencer ) Thor Patches.

Just for an added bonus....i've added new and unreleased patches, plus a variety of updated patches from my PZP Reason 4 Refill and Thor 300 refill.

For any more info email me at or