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problems with registration on ignition key

dear all, i just purchased record for reason. when i`m trying to register record i start the authorizer and the ignition key is recognized. the authorizer then opens the browser and directs me to my account on the propellerheads site. when the registration window opens it shows me the number of the ignition key and a name (which is definitely not my name) and tells me that there is a problem with my ignition key, that only edu licenses can be loaded on this ignition key (i have a normal license and not an edu license) and that i should contact support (which i have done yesterday but haven`t received an answer yet). when i input my license number and my registration code and try to register and authorize the key i only receive an error message. the same happens on different computers, so it is not a problem of the pc where i`m trying to do the authorization. so after having purchased record for reason yesterday i`m not even able to authorize the ignition key which i need since my daw where i want to use record and reason is not connected to the internet. any help on this issue (is there for example a way to format or re-initalize the ignition key?) would be much appreciated.
thanks and cheers