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Synth or Drum pre-sets (how to emulate sounds)

Hi Folks,

I am not totally new to Reason but I am pretty fresh at it and forgive me if I don't know the correct way to phrase this but here goes...

I am looking to get some classic old synth sounds and possibly drum sounds with Reason- in particular I want to get sounds from certain old records that I am a fan of.
For example the synth sounds on Rose Royce, Love don't live here Anymore, the drum machine sound on early prince songs and so on.(not to remake the song but use those sounds within my stuff), Stevie Wonder keyboard and so on.

I wonder if there is anywhere that people offer 'settings' or such like? I was a big user of the Line 6 Pod with my guitar and we used to share settings for certain songs. So, it was a sharing of info rather than re-fills or files.

I am too basic a Reason user to find them myself and I realise there wont be re-fills for these things.

Is there a place people might share such info on getting a certain synth/drum/ sound from a certain song?

I also wondered having just got 'Record' if anyone is sharing line 6 guitar amp settings in the same way as I used to do in years gone by?

Thanks in advance