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Space Oasis- ambient

To all fellow propellerheads,

Here's an eclectic beatless soundscape that I posted that you can download for freet:

Here's a description:

This new ethereal sound called Space Oasis was invented by the dynamic duo Jared Meeker and Evan Fraser. While playing dub reggae they embarked on an unique ambient production. They’ve created a forward thinking modal meditation with likeness to jazz and world music but with a cosmic beatless musical scope. The idea was to create vibrations that could be used for chill out rooms, yoga, meditation, birthing centers, massage, and sound healing. The result is a special sound installation album that is in four parts and is equally listenable at home and at health centers.While recording they had many instruments on hand including jaw harps from India, kalimba, various fx pedals, electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel guitar, synth, harmonium, calabash, glass bowls, kaen, a mouth organ from Thailand, homemade overtone flutes, and many other percussion, instruments. Space Oasis draws comparison to Brian Eno’s “music for airports” but only if the airport was run by Sun Ra and Pink Floyd. Ultimately they brings something new and fresh to the table …exotic minimalism.