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Recording troubles in Record - computer upgrade advice needed

Hi all,

so we decided to get rid of our AW1600 hardware recorder and go with Record for recording our band. Last weekend I bought a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R, which can record up to 8 channels simultaniously. Also I ordered a copy of Record for Reason owners. But I couldn't wait and we tried things out with the demo of Record last night. When we were recording 8 channels everything seemed just fine, but after about 30 seconds a message popped op, indicating that the system is too slow for recording and then aborting the recording session. I know the computer we use is not the fastest in the world. We will use it only for recording and then edit it on a different (faster) computer.

The computer is a Celeron at 2.2 GHz with 512 MB DDR-RAM running Windows XP. What would you think makes the most sense to upgrade? Is it the memory? 512 MB seems little. The minimum system requirements for Record, as stated on this site are:

  • Intel P4 / AMD Athlon XP at 2GHz or better (multiple cores highly recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM or more
Also does it matter much how fast the harddisk is? We might look into that as well. I do think that it is more of a memory/disk related problem. To me it seems that at the start of the recording session, there is nothing wrong. After a few seconds the computer can't write data form memory to disk fast enough (8 channels 24 bit/96 kHz). So I think the best order to try things out is the following:
  • Upgrade amount of RAM to 2 GB
  • Tweak the system to be as fast as possible (any tips on this)
  • Upgrade to faster harddisk
  • Upgrade to faster CPU