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Thumbs up Separate forum section for unregistered users

I don't know why Props has an open concept forum where unregistered users are free to roam and post. Those who have not payed for the product, have not registered their copy, are testing, demoing (maybe they pirated the software?) they shouldn't be allowed in the registered users forum. Maybe just have one forum section for unregistered to post, whine, or say good things, opinions, etc. I mean, its nice to see that anyone can come and share thoughts, but ANYONE? do we really want anyone in here? I don't mean to say this to all unregistered users maybe the competition , spies, or who knows who, among an ocean of reason users, is it really wise from a marketing perspective?

IMO, this open forum concept is kind of strange. No offense to unregistered users, but I paid for this thing, I want a VIP lounge here :P


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