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Record needs VST support tied to a 5 port USB / 1 port firewire dongle

For Record 2.0, they need to support VST's, but tie it to a fixed width 5 port USB / 1 port firewire dongle in order to work.

The 5 USB ports would be spaced at random distances and the firewire port would require the use of a 4 pin to 6 pin cable combined with a 6 pin to 4 pin cable.

Every time you start up it would require internet verification and each VST you use would require you to enter a 218 character captcha code. If you enter the captcha code wrong it locks you out of the entire program for 3 months.

And VST's would only work on the third tuesday of every month.

If they don't implement this in Record 2.0 I am announcing my intention to boycott Record version 53.4 whenever it is released.

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