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Longer running demo

Hi gang,

Now, I'm well aware that this request may look somewhat silly since its not even a request for the actual product. But please believe me; its an honest one.

Increase the running time of the demo. Now its set at 20 minutes, that is really too short for serious testing. At least raise this to an hour or allow saving of data (presets) while even decreasing the time back to 10 minutes or so.

Why? When I started out with this stuff at the end of last year I ended up with Ableton Live (Suite 8) and a very soft spot for Reason. A "like/dislike" kind of thing. Its only recently that I decided to get another look at Reason but this time with everything I've learned in the mean time.

So this included testing Thor (check up on sample rate and folding ("Niquist effect")), Rewire (my main DAW is Live and my first idea is to heavily utilize rewire and enhance it with Reason), Reasons (IMO) amazing routing capabilities and of course getting a better feeling for it in the overall.

And 20 minutes per session really is way too short in my opinion. Especially with the rewire sound tests. I fire up & setup Live for some tests, I fire up the Reason demo and after some tweaking (I'm testing, not that familiar with all this yet) I pick up the "hardware device" at the top which is set to "rewire" and thus its time to go back to Live.

Alas; after some tweaking back and forth I get stuff to work (audio/midi track. Audio picks up audio from Reason and the midi track sends stuff to Reason) and I start to do some nasty stuff like checking differences / options between Reasons mastering device and the stuff I have in Ableton (in my case specifically looking into the equalizer & compressor).

On the positive side; the demo doesn't "just" quit. That's a big pro, but really... Its annoying to tweak stuff on Live's compressor only to move back to the demo and find out that it has expired. I fully realize that it has to be annoying to a certain degree, but please not during the start of serious tests..

Now the "why an hour". Its not something I just made up, its a real life example.

I'll be honest with you guys; when I came across this "the demo has ended" 2 times (thus also seeing my changes going bye bye) I was kinda fed up and ended up grabbing a "not so legal version" of Reason. Then I used that for my tests and although I didn't really keep track of time it didn't take me much longer than an hour to fully test the stuff I was curious about.

In one hour you can easily follow several tutorials and get some basic understanding about Reason, which is important to get better test results. Then in the next hour you can easily use that expertise to start trying out the things you're after, this will even leave you with enough space to perform changes, test those and adjust them again.

Alas, I ended up learning what I wanted to know and decided that this is the road to take. Order page mentions a shipping date of "17/6" so who knows; I might get lucky and receive my package upcoming Saturday. But really; I hope you guys will consider a longer running demo.
With kind regards,


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