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Wink The official "One Product, Not Three" thread

Yeah, I said it. One Product. There's too much hate in the world and on the forums. It's obviously caused by product suite inequality, the have's against the have not's. I feel complete shame when I see a post from someone who only owns Record or Reason, or, I can barely say it, Recycle. Why do I deserve to have so much amazing software and they so very little?

I say.. Unite us all under one master dongle! Creative freedom is bought and paid for only through submission to the Law Of The Dongle. I've sacrificed a USB port and I expect everyone to do the same-- or perish in unlicensed/unregistered exile. And for all you One Product haters out there, imagine all the fun you'll have browbeating legacy product posters.

Who's for a New Product Order?!

Note: Any similarity of the NPO's slogan "One Product, Not Three" to Sting's "One World, Not Three" is purely coincidental. The NPO is not associated with the New Pacific Order (Cybernation alliance), New Polar Order (Cybernations Alliance), Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (Dutch public broadcasting system),
National Productivity Organization (although it would make us more productive), Nurses Professional Organization, National Public Observatory, Navy Purchasing Office, Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, Naval Project Office, NWTS Program Office (US DOE), or any Non Profit Organization (although we might not profit from this thread)
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