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Importing & Exporting as MP3 on Record!!

I would like to add importing and exporting MP3 files into Record 1.5. I hate when I want to remix or sample a song but the instrumental or song I found is in MP3 format, so in order for me to use it I would have to use an audio converter and change the format from MP3 to WAVE in order for Record to recognize it and allow me to import it for sampling or remixing. That is one of the reasons why I would want MP3 importing for Record. I would like exporting as MP3 files on Record because I some times share my music with friends and family, which I usually contact through e-mail but again in order for me to send as e-mail I have to switch the format from WAVE to MP3 in order for it to be able to be sent through e-mails since the WAVE format is to big for it to be sent as an e-mail.

I am not saying these are the only use for the MP3 feature, I am sure there are plenty more but those are just examples on how the MP3 importing exporting feature can be useful and that's why it should be added to Record 1.5