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Arrow Product Idea: Sample Farmer/Sampler Patch Auto Builder

Okay guys, bear with me for a few seconds. I have an idea for a product and I want to get your feedback. I was brainstorming it and got to a certain point and realized that MIDI out would absolutely blow the top off of it.

The product would be a Reason Patch Sample builder for NN-XT and Kong. It would basically help us farm samples from outboard gear, pianos, stringed instruments etc. I see a typical use case going like this..
  1. Open app (We'll call this application Farmer for now)
  2. Select what type of device you're sampling (Keys, Strings, Drums, Percussion, etc)
  3. Select how many levels of velocity, and number of zones/note granularity
  4. Select Manual or Auto
    1. If Manual,
      1. Farmer asks you to select a starting low note
      2. Farmer asks the user to play lowest key without sustain & lightest velocity
      3. Farmer starts auto recording when signal starts or above a preset threshold
      4. This process repeats to gather all notes at all desired velocities
    1. If Auto,
      1. Farmer starts sending MIDI OUT and recording output
      2. You could basically start the auto process and walk away while it does it's thing
  5. Upon completion, Farmer not only creates an organized sample folder but a ready-to-use device patch (NN-XT, Kong)
Any thoughts? I know this would destroy some commercial sample based refills out there, but it also would create an insane amount of quality free refills available. I think it would be awesome for the Reason/Record community as a whole. Some people would buy it for use with other products, but the auto-building of the Reason device patches might drive some Reason business.

Note: I added this to my feature request list, and renamed it Recapture, since Resampler is taken.
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