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Busses and groups

Propellerheads creates the best softwares in the world in my opinion. But the missing tools are busses and groups to make complex mixes easier. For instance, on the SSL9000k, you can group a rhythm section of guitar, piano and organ in a song, I can't mute this section all at once in record but I can do this on the SSL9000k console, in protools software and nuendo software. In Record, I have to automate the above tracks I've mentioned only individually and this takes too much time. So I suggest to you, please make these busses and groups all possible in the next Record software 1.5 and then Propellerhead will become the industry standard in not only mine but every Reason/Record user.
Next is, Record sounds horrible when using protools via rewire, can you help me with this problem. IK Multimedia has the B4 Hammond and that is why I try to take my Record songs into protools to use the B4 Hammond organ to get the customized sounds of this instrument. I don't have this problem if I make the song in Reason which I usually do until you made Record. If you could have this instrument in Reason/Record, it would be great. Please help, thanks.