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Independent Thor sequencer pattern patch selection please!

In my attempt to program some reFx Nexus 2 sounding patches I bumped into a big limitation with step sequencing in Reason. So here are my earnest requests regards step sequencer in Thor

1) Please add a patch selector to Thor's step sequencer and make Thor's synth patch and step sequencer patch selection independent of each other.
This will let us program sequence patterns and load them independently from Thor's synth patch. How cool would it be to load your favorite synth patch and conveniently audition pre-programmed sequence patterns.

2) Please add 'Shuffle' to Thor's step sequencer.

3) Please increase Thor's sequencer steps to 32. If space limit is an issue then this can be done by adding a toggle button that switches between steps 1-16 and 17-32.

4) Please implement a way to change the values of the steps in one go. For example, shift click on step rotary knobs to select multiple rotary knobs and while holding down the option key, change the value and all selected rotary knob values will change to the same value.

I know 1, 2 and 3 can be done using two Thors or by using Matrix but it's not really a viable option unless you want monophonic sequencer patterns. It just takes way too much time. Also changing the 2nd Thor's synth patch will require some new routings from the Thor's mod routing section.

Please please please Props.

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