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Originally Posted by nites View Post
The template is only a starting point, from which you can start your own tweaking if required. Much like the mastering templates that come with Reason they give you a general starting point.

Besides in a scenario where you have two very similar songs in a genre like Trance and with much the same instrumentation (just different arrangement). I can imagine templates will be a blessing.
I really don't want to start a discussion about this. It's just that there is no "sound better" preset or whatever. It doesn't exist. Every track needs different treatment, thats the only rule. Just give me an example for trance what you have to do with "standard settings". In Reason you often have lack of presence range, thats the only thing what comes to my mind. Cutting the low end of synths etc. is fine, but every synth needs different cut or no cut at all. Otherwise everything will sound either muddy or this thin plastic sound without lower mids, what I hate so much. And then doing this cut takes you a few seconds without any preset. And then there are masters where you don't have to EQ at all. So why you need some preset there? Any good mix requires minimum correction. And then you also run the risk just to work against your bad room acoustics. There hardly anything you have to solve in the master what you cannot solve in the mix, except some mix compression and making it louder with the limiter. So since mastering is mainly to get a better balanced mix (+ the loundess thing), there is no preset which knows what your mix requires. One guy mixes with too much bass, the next one with too little bass etc.

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