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Experimental Electronic Music

Hello. I'm rather new to DAW music creation, and I had some questions I was hoping those here wouldn't mind answering. I apologize if it is trite, but I want to be sure my search is thorough. I'm searching for a DAW that will suit my needs. Unfortunately, funds are very limited at the moment, which makes this difficult. But I would like to know about Reason, nonetheless, and how it may (or may not) be suited to the style of music I aim for.

I have a particular passion for experimental electronic music, and would love to incorporate such qualities into my own music - especially the weird, techy synth sounds and styles.. I’ve sampled demos of several (what I assume to be, and forgive me if I am wrong, entry level) programs - Magix Music Maker 16, FL Studio 9, and then Mixcraft. FL seemed a bit more complex than the others, for the price.

A general online consensus (from what I’ve seen) seems to be that programs like Reason (of course) Cubase, and Logic are the preferred DAWs, albeit more expensive (hence my tentativeness to sample them as of yet).

Of what I did demo, FL Studio seemed possibly more able than the others to do what I am looking for (for the price), however I find its interface incredibly confusing. There doesn’t appear to be much order, it’s just - all there, all at once...It’s rather counter-intuitive to me. This person at BandAmp put it well here:

I've read about REAPER - nothing but great things (especially for the price!); however it seems like this is less suited to electronic music, and the kind of fine-tuning I would need to do and not have a headache.

Then of course I’ve read about the open source stuff - It seems great, however, the top candidate for Windows, though, seems to be LMMS (apparently modeled after, what do ya know, FruityLoops).

Oi, I’ve gotten myself into a predicament. I only can afford between $100-$200. I’m trying to find something that is well designed for electronic music, is affordable, and isn‘t a headache to use. I’d love to edit the socks off of sounds, and really tweak and make my music quite unique - The experimental process is very important.

What do you suggest? The other programs are affordable, very easy to use, but they don’t seem as apt at the really, really fine details that I’m looking for (at least thus far in my experience - I’m still such a novice, forgive my ignorance). Could I link up a less expensive program with a program like LMMS, and other various internet tidbits (or does LMMS lack said features too)?

Also, I’ve heard of Orion...It seems more affordable as well, but I don’t know how different it is from the others in that price range. What do you think?

I would very much appreciate any feedback and/or advice.

Thanks so much for reading, sorry if it was long.