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Relative automation curves


Please correct me if this can already be done in some way.


Often I set a level of a track, do some automation, say, the level increases slowly for a while, then drops back down to normal.
After some more tracks I find that the level of the track is too high and I lower it. This messes up the automation and I have to go through all automation clips and lower all of them as well.

The obvious example would be fade out of track (which was mentioned in another thread).
I set my master to a level, add automation to fade out the master fader. All is fine.
I change the master level, now the automation will create a sudden jump in master level when the automation starts.

Solution suggestion

Allow the automation curves to be relative, or behave in different ways. Now they are always fixed values.
parameter = automation.value;

A relative/additive would be:
parameter += automation.value;
(automation range -128 to 127?)

Or multiplication:
parameter *= automation.value;
(range 0 to 2?)

Multiplication would solve the master fade out for example. The automation clip would go from 1 to 0 in a couple of bars.
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