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Quantization and Beat Divisions in R+R

I'm reposting and expanding my reply to mtbh's User thread into Features (ttps:// I've mentioned this three or four times over the years in at least one email to Props and the odd suggestions thread. It's probably about time (hehe) I wrote it up as a dedicated proposal anyway

For years I have asked for this to be implemented in Reason. The very first music software I purchased back in 1991, Musicator GS for DOS had a function where you could quantize to any note division up to a 16th of any beat or bar.

Below is an example of how quickly it could be knocked up in the later Windows version, in 4/4. The image shows the notation view so you can see the triplet labels, but it also worked in Musicators' roll-edit view.

The first bar as well as the standard 8T we do have available in Reason, you have 28:4 (28 semi-quavers to four beats, 7 semi-quavers per beat).

Bar 2 a 5:4 beat rhythm. And with the third bar in Musicator William G Stewart would have been proud with 15 to 1 at 60:4!

And the final bar.... a finely positioned half-note triplet! The lovely 3:4. Quite why we don't have 4T at the very least in Reason has always perplexed me.

In the picture you can see how easily such divisions are created, either by beat or bar, and works in all time signatures.

Implementing this tiny little window alongside the current quantise division box in the sequencer tool bar would also add a huge value to ReGroove, since it becomes far easier to save new Grooves if you know what the groove actually is before you save it!

The downside:
At the higher resolutions of say, that 60:4 there will be a lot of division lines on the grid. This means zooming in to max, which means there are a lot of numbers at the top of the grid which are not easy to read. Grid/Bar numbering will likely need to be tidied up to compensate this change, it's already at bit fiddly when zoomed in at max.

The upside:
Will be an enormous help to composers of probably all types of music, but especially classical, jazz and prog rock. It will also be a real boon to programming percussion loops and fills.

So please, Props, the ability for the R+R to create any division is deep inside the program somewhere as you have the limited presets. All you have to do is give us a pair of boxes and a pair of radio buttons to access it!

best regards
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