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Question Rewire-No midi controller input?

Hi, I just installed Reason 4 on Windows 7 and I'm already having a trouble...

When I use Reason as standalone, the sequencer takes midi controller keyboard's input just fine. But when I rewire it in Pro Tools, there is no keyboard input in Reason. I still get midi controller's input on Pro Tools' midi track. But weirdly, after a while Pro Tools doesn't get the controller signal either. I have to reboot the computer, launch PT first to get the incoming signal back. And if I try to Rewire again, the input goes away eventually.

I'm using Korg's Karma as the master keyboard, and I have set it as "Other" in Preference menu. I selected the midi in/out for Digi002 because I'm using its midi in/out.

I still hear Reason's instruments when I use the mouse to click on the audition buttons or piano roll. Just the keyboard input is not coming into Reason.

There were a few people who asked the same thing but I couldn't find the answer. Any help would be appreciated!