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Question Here to buy upgrade and be eligible?


As you see from my icons, I currently have Reason 3.0. I got an email from Props a couple of days ago that outlined the upgrade options. It looks like the ideal route for my situation would be to purchase "Record for Reason Owners" now. That will upgrade me to Reason 4 and Record 1... within the window that I'll get Reason 5 and Record 1.5 when they release shortly.

Makes sense... so I go into the Props Shop and find that item in the list ($149). However, it shows about $20 for shipping to me (in the US). Ah-ha... probably coming from the other side of the Atlantic, so I need to check with the US distributor (Line 6).

On the Line 6 web site, I can buy a Reason upgrade ($129) but the "Record for Reason Owners" isn't an available from them. Weird.

I then go to my old standby... -- they have "Record for Reason Owners" available for $149 [1] as well and, because I have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free!

So the QUESTION -- If I purchase "Record for Reason Owners" from Amazon in this way now, will I be eligible for the upgrade? I can't find any info from the Props/License info about whether an upgrade/purchase must be made only from the Props directly or one of their official distributors.

I've emailed them, but no response yet... they're probably buried with jokers like me asking upgrade questions.

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