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Post Propellerheads Please Lose the Ignition key for Record!

Lets start a Movement here guys!

Straight up I am gonna start by saying that the ignition key is a really, really bad idea.


I do all my beats off my Mac Book and the last thing I need is to carry around a USB HUB, or have it accidentally removed.

I know you guys need to Protect your products but you guys really need to find a better way around it.

I totally want to get Record NOW, but since I heard it came with a Ignition key it turned me off. I had so many problems with Protools and back in the day with Logic 7 that I DO NOT deal with Ignition keys.

After a day of playing with Record, it has brought this dieing soul back to Life in a matter of a day.

But the ignition key has to go!!!

I Love your Products and I Buy all my Software, so you guys need to come up with a better solution for us loyal costumers.

Guys, what do you think? Sound off!

Ernest Joy-

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