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Thumbs up Upgrade arrived from Line6 / Read this if you are confused about Record Upgrade


My Reason5 upgrade arrived yesterday from Line6, they were fast with only a week passing since I sent in all my upgrade request materials to them (I purchased Record for Reason Owners from Amazon).

For those confused about what you need to do, where the license is for Record, etc...

This is what I did to get everything proper and working:

Go to the Prop's /upgrade/ site listed on the package and while you have logged in enter the verification codes from your Reason 5 upgrade. I selected the first type of upgrade for "Reason + Record" owners since I have the older record for reason package.

Once you complete this it will send you your Reason 5 key code via email. It also told me at this time that a new 1.5 Record License had been added to my account. This was the part I was confused about when I got my upgrade from Line6, but it automatically got added to the account.

Download Record 1.5 from the Prop's site.

At this point perform the actual installs (I did Reason first), add the authorizations to your ignition key, and you should be good to go.