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Talking Peachy Keen - a new tune feat. Pete "Peachy" Watson

Hi All,

This is a work of mine that has been lying on my laptop for sometime now. I had always wanted Pete "Peachy" Watson to play guitar on it but never felt like I had the tune together enough to ask. Well needless to say, I bit the bullet and asked anyway. I'm glad I did because Pete gave this tune a new life - his playing is exemplar.

Thanks Pete for your amazing talent and your willingness to take this on!!

Also thanks to Stompp, Exode, NSL, and New Atlantis. All these great refills were utilized at some point in this production. Reason/Record rocks!

This definitely pushed the limits of my abilities, so any feedback on the production will be most appreciated.

The tune can be found at: and


BTW, that's me on the oboe.
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