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Originally Posted by jynseng View Post
I've been following Jagwahs' thread about the Thor sequencer and it got me thinking about the way Props might implement an update to Matrix instead. I do use the Thor sequencer quite frequently, but rarely bother with the two curves as they aren't nice to program. Both eX and tift make excellent points on it's pros and cons.

So here's an outline of what I came up with, combining the flexibility of Thors' sequencer with the visual ease of the MAP.

Increasing the height of the module gives us 3 octave view at a time, with a highlight on middle-C.
Radio buttons select from various edit screens - notes or one of 4 curves (routed to 4 CV outs at the back). Each screen can have independent step resolution, steps and bars. Yes, bars! A 16-bar pattern sequencer! Digital display sets the number of bars, lighting them up very purty; clicking on the bar number buttons selects the bar/s to be edited, and changes the LED colour to an even more purty colour.

Gate/velocity is handled in the same way as MAP with bottom section of the visual matrix, rather than a separate edit screen.

Bipolar/Unipolar switch brought to the front panel!

When in a curve edit window, clicking a curve preset draws in that curve at the current resolution (image goes to 1/2, but would need more options than shown, and yes, I included 1/4T ), which can then be further refined as required in the matrix.

The Thor playback options above the pattern select buttons might be a wish too far with varying step resolutions and bar numbers.

A new feature - Record Midi & Loop. With the new MAP in MIDI focus it will record notes/cc to the matrix for the selected number of bars, and auto-looping . This would be Firkin awesome for live performance, allowing us to improvise sequences.

And lastly it introduces a *.matrix file type!

Sounds like great ideas.