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Unhappy Proper BPM Attribute Reading on Imported Audio Files!

Record does not read the BPM info present in ANY audio files EXCEPT REX (and something Record has exported, who's BPM attribute info is not readable by other apps!). This is really unhelpful when we have tons of audio files that are already marked with BPM attributes. i know Record isn't Acid, but it would make the importing of audio files a LOT less time consuming when it's rhythmic audio that needs to be synchronized to project BPM.

here's my original rant from the other area on the forum:

i have several files i've been playing around with that are ACIDized WAV, Apple Loop Utility massaged AIF, etc. The original files were downloaded from a seller of loops (they had WAV, AIF and REX available for download in the example files area). In Record's Import Audio dialog, ONLY the REX file shows its tempo attribute. Record claims that the non-REX files (wav and aif) have "No Tempo Data In File."

That's WRONG.

Opening the AIF and WAV files in the Apple Loops Utility shows that the tempo attribute is present in both of the files. Why doesn't Record recognize it?

Then i wondered "Does Record save exported audio with tempo data?" So, i created a new Record project. i set Record's tempo to the file's known tempo, imported the file into Record, set loop points and exported it. Record recognizes THAT file as having tempo data.

BUT, that same file exported from Record, opened in Apple Loops Utility, shows no tempo set! If i then set the attributes for transients and tempo, etc, in ALU, save the file again... Record once again is back to not recognizing the loop attributes like tempo, etc., once again.

WTH? Record only properly supports REX for looped audio content???? i have no way to create REX files because ReCycle is outdated and overpriced and i refuse to purchase it. It seems that Propellerhead are unwilling to allow any other looping format to be interchangeable, and also unwilling to update ReCycle and sell it at an acceptable price (the only thing making it valuable at all is the exclusivity of the REX file format - since ReCycle is the ONLY app that saves REX files, they're price-gouging AND letting the app fester).

On top of this, the Apple Loops Utility refuses to save transient markers on these files unless i re-save them in another audio editing app like Audiofile Engineering's Wave Editor (and no, Logic Studio SoundTrack 2 will NOT fix this either). A few users in Apple's forums have experienced the same problem and no one has any answer other than resaving files in external editors! But even if this worked the way it's supposed to... Record WONT READ THE LOOP DATA ANYWAY.