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Film's music genre I composed. =)

Hello everyone ! The Frenchie is back ! :P

I previously shared my music but hotlink wasn't available yet. x) However now, it's fixed !

I give you the links to my main tracks :
- Waterworks (6.0.0) :
An "ambience" soundtrack, mixing with realism and electronic. It has success to those who like this genre.

- Alone In The Forest (3.5 Final) :
A piano piece I've composed a long time ago. Done only with the mouse. ;P

- Landscape Of Melodies (5.8) :
An orchestral piece people generally like, but I must continue doing it, it needs more realism in the strings' sound.

- Soundtrack 8 (2.2) :
A new orcestral piece, with an increased quality in realism. But not yet done.

- Peaceful Daytimes (2.8) :
A soft piece, with mostly piano but some other instruments.

- Surfing The Waves (2.0) :
A jazzy style music, but still in the genre of "film's music".

You can also visit my blog here :
Don't hesitate to comment me.