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I posted this on another thread but as I'm really behind this idea I thought I'd list it here too. So here are my ideas so far. Since I can't stand working with th redrum or the kong(yet) Ive alot riding on a new matrix!

In no particular order...
OPTIONAL polyphonic programming. If it's not optional the randomise function will be a mess. Drag velocity and note length at once and with great accuracy like in logic's ultrabeat. KEEP THE RANDOM FUNCTION. Make it dropdown expandable so you can see multiple octaves. Allow 'copy automation to track' function for parameters. Flam function for individual notes. Alt click function to play notes on the sequencer.

I like the other ideas mentioned so far as well. Especially moving the unipolar/bipolar function to the front.

Can't stress keeping the randomise and alter pattern functions enough though.