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Dear propellerhead please contact me !

Hi all at Propellerhead.

I have a few questions concerning teaching Reason & Record. I want to start Propellerhead classes at the college where I currentley teach Pro Tools & Ableton etc, I have already been informed that because of the education system programme in this country we can not incorporate any more software into our classes.

However I believe that Record is set to be the future of Computer based Recording software and I am keen to start teaching it seperatley from our current classes, I have enough people interested in persuing these classes and am seeking more information about the protocol, As it stands, I have premisis to teach, I have enough keen people to make a class and with advertising etc I could get many more on board.

What I need is guidance from Propellerhead concerning the legalities and procedure to start teaching and promoting your products. Can I get assistance from Propellerhead regarding, equipment and software and selling the product on to those who wish to persue further use of the software ? Would I get help and support.

I would very much appreciate someone from Propellerhead to get in touch with me ASAP and let me know what can be done and how I go about doing it, to begin teaching classes using your software in Scotland.

Richy Moore