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It would:
  • make a statement about the commitment to the ReWire technology
  • avoid messing around with any "foreign" technologies (VST, AU, RTAS, TDM, LADSPA, DSSI, LV2, DirectX, MAS, ...)
  • (finally) provide a two-way door to the outside world (MIDI-OUT/In, simpler Audio internal In and/or Send/Return) instead of the current limiting* MIDI-IN/Audio Out solution provided by the ReWire Slave implementation. (*limiting because ReWired Record can't record or sample, loosing almost half the features it has)

...and like I said, maybe such a feature would also open the door to a native support of MIDI-Out in that same 2.0 release.

Also, who knows? Maybe a future 4th side-kick app would be born: a PropellerheadSW made Reason-like Rack for plug-ins running as a ReWire-slave... but even if this one never becomes a reality, at least there would still be plenty of 3rd party solutions to bridge the gap between Record and the plug-in wars... erm, I mean, world

EDIT: Sure, all of this without ever touching current stability... else forget it
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