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First attempt at an Amiga-like demo song

This is my first time posting anything here. I want to start to get active here in this forum, because I barely have anyone to talk to about music and reason users. I usually code lua for a game called Garry's Mod and manage a game server, so I've drifted away from the whole music thing that I was active in before. I've mostly made trance, but lately I've been making a lot of different things which is good. I don't like being tied to only one genre.

Enough introduction.

I've used OpenMPT to export samples from my favorite mod songs. This resulted with getting my hands on a lot of funky retro sounds. I ended up making a 2 min demo-like song with these samples which is sounding funny to me because it has almost all the sounds I can remember from my childhood.
The song wasn't that hard to make sound-wise, since there's not a whole lot you need to take care of with samples. I didn't spend that much time on the song compared to the time I spend on other songs, but I don't see anything else to add to the arrangement. I still like how it turned out though so this is why I'm posting it.

The name is kind of bad, but I'll come up with a better name soon I guess.

Has anyone else made a song using only samples from mod songs to make it sound 100% like a mod song in Reason before? If so I'd be interested to hear it. I've used samples from mod songs before, but not like this.

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