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Does this sound out of tune to you?

Hi Guys,

I've never tried remixing anything before but one of my favourite drum n bass artists is doing a remix competition for one of their songs so I thought I would give it a go. Now I don't have Recycle or anything so I had to try and chop up and slow down the clips just using Reason - there may well be a good way of doing this that I don't know about as I'm not very experienced but I just ended up sticking all of the samples into an NNXT and changing the start/end times to get clips I wanted. So to make the vocals fit the tempo of the track I would just play a key a few notes down from the root key as this slows it down but the result of this is obviously that it changes the pitch of the vocal. When I was making the track I couldn't decide if this made it sound too out of tune or not and I think in the end just because I had heard it a lot it started to sound OK to me... but the first comment from someone when I uploaded it was that the vocals sound out of tune lol

You can hear the track I made here:
and here's the original just for reference:

So two questions really - do the vocals in my version sound really out of tune to you? Secondly, is there any better way to adjust the tempo of a sample (ie without it changing the pitch) ?

My tracks:

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