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Red face How to mix to sound good no matter what speakers

Maybe I should study why speakers make sound the way they want to stereos want to make sound boomy...what do they do in the wiring with that?...what's a good middle ground for my mixing levels? Sorry....on to my post

I was thrilled this morning to suddenly hear my song over the speakers during my workout at the gym this morning. My friend at the gym bought my cd last week and she surprised me today. Of course I smiled at my friend gave her a thumbs up. I then soon enuf put back on my music production ears and weighed in on the sound I was hearing in this medium sized rafters type warehouse of a workout space. I noticed right away a balance issue. My vocals sounded exposed/higher volume level than most accompaning instrumentation. Yes is a good thing to target for a mix that has vocals up front, but some of the i strumentation was nearly silent. I thought wow what they say about playing your mixes in as many speakers as possible to learn about what is the best balance! One song I had thought was not balanced well, the worst one, turned out to sound the best of the 5 songs my friend played.
To make a long story short I would like to ask for tips on how to guarantee a good sound out of any speaker system. At one point I remembered ny friend telling me she plays songs out of her personal mp3 player on the gym speakers and i thought thats why the sound was bad or maybe half of the output jacj cord was not plugged in fully but then Prince Kiss shuffled after one of my songs just booming and balanced. So ive worked on compressing and maximizing etc in record but cant figure out the right balance. Could you please give me guidance? Thank you so much. Dan